Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Destructing Pawtuxet Falls Dam

Demolition is about to begin on the Pawtuxet Falls Dam in Pawtuxet Village! SumCo Eco Contracting is setting up their staging ground this week and will begin diverting the water and removing the dam on Monday, August 8th.
The Pawtuxet Project Team has set up a blog to chronicle the demolition of the dam, the planting and growth of the plants that will be installed to stabilize the bank. We will be posting pictures regularly to produce a time-laps series of the area. This blog will also provide the public an opportunity to ask questions and get answers about the project. Please visit our blog at and become a follower to get up-to-date information about the project.
The sections of dam you see here will be removed down to the bedrock.
This stretch of the Pawtuxet River is almost entirely bedrock so the river will
still have a cascading effect over the rocks after the concrete dam is removed.
And fish will be able to swim back up to their spawning grounds!

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