Friday, August 6, 2010

August Video Survey

We had another great video survey this week! However, the currents were strong which made getting sediment samples difficult because the sediment grab kept on getting swept on its side, causing it to drag sideways along the seafloor, collecting sediment on the top, rather than closing around a proper sample. For many of the stations four times was the charm!
Dropping the sediment grab.
Collecting a sediment sample
Collecting a sediment sample.
An improper sediment grab
(notice the mud sitting on top of the grab).
While Shelley, from URI was gathering sediment samples with her crew, Chris and Lesley were collecting water samples, measuring water quality with a YSI at both surface and bottom depths, and dropping the underwater video camera to get a look at the seafloor.
Setting up the underwater video camera.
Lesley collecting a water sample.
Collecting a water sample.
Dropping the YSI for a water quality reading
Dropping the YSI for a water quality reading.
Our survey finished up with a family of swans crossing our path in the Greenwich Bay Marina. Although not as majestic looking, baby swans are hardly ugly ducklings!
Family of Swans crossing the shipping channel in Greenwich Cove.

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